Top 20 new car sales, Tesla in slow motion!

A look back at the ranking of the twenty best-selling new passenger cars in France during the month of April 2022.

In this year 2022, registrations of new passenger cars in France continue to fall very sharply in April with only 108,723 registrations: -22.58% compared to the same month last year (-18.57% over the first four months of the year).

Peugeot, still in great shape, continues to place its 208 at the top of sales with 5,865 copies sold. It is still ahead of the Citro├źn C3 (4,377 copies sold) which once again manages to do much better than the Renault Clio (2,474 copies sold).

Several electric-only models are still in this ranking. Thus, despite declining registrations in France, the Tesla Model 3 still occupies a good twelfth place (only 10 copies sold in April 2022), ahead of the Dacia Spring, sixteenth (1,568 copies sold over the same period ).

Note in passing that the Tesla Model Y continues its merry way and now ranks forty-ninth.

(Source: CCFA)

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