Tomato flu: symptoms of Covid and monkeypox found in a hundred children, scientists warn

Discovered in India, the tomato flu seems to attack exclusively children. Researchers have established a first report on this disease which would have similarities with the other two viruses, without any link being established with Covid or monkeypox.

On May 30, echoed the discovery of a new childhood illness : the tomato flu. A virus spotted in Indiasome of whose symptoms strangely resemble the monkey pox.

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This week, Indian scientists published a first report about the disease in the leading online scientific journal, The Lancet. Warning from the outset: “Because of the terrible experience of the pandemic of Covid-19vigilant management is desirable to prevent further epidemics.

As of July 26, 2022, 82 infected children under the age of 5 have been reported in Indian government hospitals. And 26 others aged up to 10 years have been identified in a research center.

The aches of Covid, the blisters of monkeypox

A disease whose symptoms are a kind of mixture between those of the covid and those of the monkey pox. On the Covid side, the tomato flu took on fever, fatigue and body aches. With the monkeypoxit has in common the eruption of these famous blisters painful red spots that appear all over the body. In the case of tomato flu, these blisters can reach the size of… a tomato!

However, if some of these symptoms are close to the other two viruses, they have absolutely no direct link. Indian researchers think rather than tomato flu “could be a sequel to the chikungunya or the dengue fever in children rather than a viral infection. The virus could also be a new variant of viral foot-hand-mouth disease, a common infectious disease mainly targeting children aged 1 to 5 and immunocompromised adults. Tomato flu is a self-limiting disease and there is no medication specific to treat it”. Nor any vaccine.

Why do children seem to be exclusively affected by this disease? “Because viral infections are common in this age group and spread is likely to be through close contact. Young children are also prone to this infection by using diapers, touching dirty surfaces and putting objects directly in the mouth. Given the similarities with the foot-and-mouth diseaseif the tomato flu epidemic in children is not controlled and prevented, the transmission could have serious consequences by also spreading among adults”.

A disease that has not yet been spotted in other countries.

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