Tired liver: here are 4 physical symptoms that should alert you

Filtration of blood, production of bile, elimination of toxins… A vital organ, the liver performs more than 500 functions in the body. But in case of excess (fat, alcohol…) it can poorly fulfill its role. Here are the 5 physical symptoms of a sick or tired liver that should alert you.

yellow eyes

When the eyes and skin turn yellow (jaundice), it may be a sign of liver disease. Such discoloration of the fundus may be due to an accumulation of bilirubin, a pigment resulting from the breakdown of red blood cells normally broken down by the liver.


A damaged liver can also lead to itchy sensations all over the body. This symptom, called cutaneous prutitis, can indicate a retention of bile under the skin, a liquid secreted by the liver and which must when all is well flow into the digestive tract.


If this organ is in poor health, it may find itself unable to make albumin, a protein that prevents the escape of water from the blood to the tissues, and this results in swelling at the level legs (oedema), or abdomen.

Persistent fatigue

A diseased liver is also synonymous with intense and persistent fatigue. If you are unable to recover and suffer a severe drop in morale despite a long period of rest, this may be a sign of more or less severe liver disease.

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