TikTok launches animated avatars to rival Snapchat and Apple

To stay competitive against fierce competition, TikTok continues to come up with new features. The latest: personalized and animated avatars that are reminiscent of Apple’s Memoji or Snapchat’s Bitmoji.

Far from resting on its laurels, TikTok continues to innovate, or at least take inspiration from its competitors. While waiting to see video games arrive on TikTok, you can have fun with the new avatars available on the Chinese giant’s application.

Launching today, these new avatars are accessible from the app’s camera. To use them, you must switch to selfie mode and select the avatar effect. Several predefined “looks” are offered, but you can also choose to customize it to suit your desires.

TikTok avatars that rely on personalization

From skin tone to hair, makeup and accessories, nothing seems to have been overlooked. Once done, you can record a video of your avatar that will track your movements and facial expressions. With its avatars, TikTok says it is responding to a request from its community. The company also wants to offer the most inclusive and representative experience of its users.

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Offering avatars is also a way for TikTok to offer a new way of communicating without having to show its true face. The creators of the platform will thus be able to use their avatar, a pseudonym, as well as the voice effects already available to share their content anonymously.

An option available soon will offer to insert a miniature version of his avatar in a video. You can adjust its size and position it where you want in the image. It will also be possible to change the expression of this “mini-avatar” to show your current mood.

A use that distinguishes the Chinese application from its competitors like Snapchat or iMessage where avatars are mainly used to communicate with people you already know. By copying their flagship features, the various platforms seek to attract new users while maintaining their current community.

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