Ticks invade forests in France: what recommendations if you are bitten?

The safest method remains the tick remover, sold in pharmacies. To use it, simply slip the hook under the tick without crushing it and perform, once close to the skin, a rotating movement to take the entire insect. Then disinfect the wound with an antiseptic and wash your hands. If you don’t have these special pliers, it is possible to use tweezers. In this case, however, you must grasp the tick at the base by pulling upwards, but without turning. The maneuver remains “hard” and “not recommended”warns the Union of Unions of Community Pharmacists (USPO) at TF1info.

Ether or any other alcohol is however to be avoided. “If you try to put the tick to sleep in this way, the rostrum, or the mouth apparatus of the animal, closes and remains firmly attached to the prey”, insists the USPO. The mite, anesthetized, can also regurgitate potentially contaminated blood, increasing the risk of infection. Likewise, it is best not to remove the parasite with your fingers, for the same reason.


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