Three cases of monkey pox detected in a Var campsite

It is rare for the disease to affect several members of a family. Yet this is what happened in a campsite in the Var, where parents and their child were infected with monkeypox.

The family did not have during their stay of a few days in the campsite (from August 6 to 11) any close and prolonged contact with other holidaymakers or the staff of the campsite.“says the ARS Paca which carried out investigations following this report.

If the family has used the sanitary facilities of the campsite, the risk of transmission by surfaces remains very low, especially since the usual cleaning measures and regular hand washing limit contamination.

This is why no resident or staff of the campsite has been placed in solitary confinement.

On site, everything is being done to avoid further contamination and hygiene measures have been reinforced.

A permanence is also set up until Monday, August 15th.


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