This Tesla Model S has 1.6 million kilometers on the odometer

In 2019, a German owner of a Tesla Model S P85, Hansjörg Gemmingen, proudly showed off the odometer of his vehicle acquired in 2014, which had just passed the fateful mark of one million kilometers traveled. A little over two years later, this same Hansjörg Gemmingen does it again, by formalizing via Twitter a new record, namely that of the million miles traveled aboard this same Tesla Model S P85, i.e. a little over 1.6 million of kilometres.

1.6 million kilometres… and seven engine changes!

It’s in the magazine The Driven that Hansjörg Gemmingen wanted to explain the why and how of his record. Although it exceeded one million kilometers in 2019, the latter wanted to cross the million-mile mark, which required a little more than two additional years of driving, at the rate of 200,000 km covered each year. For this, Hansjörg Gemmingen drove his Tesla in Germany of course, but also in Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Poland or even… in China.

Hansjörg Gemmingen also confirmed that he wanted to continue his momentum, and continue to chain driving records on board his Tesla, with the possibility of reaching 2 million kilometers traveled by 2024. However, the latter confirmed that if the first engine lasted no less than 778,000 km, it has had to make 7 engine changes since… In other words, Hansjörg Gemmingen’s Tesla Model S P85 is currently on its eighth engine, the the latter not having made it possible to last more than 200,000 km without presenting a major problem.

The latter also explains that he contacted Tesla to try to find a solution to this engine problem, and that he does not rule out the possibility of exchanging his Tesla for a Lucid brand vehicle, with which he would continue to sign. electric car driving records.

It remains to be seen now whether Tesla will agree to work in collaboration with Hansjörg Gemmingen in order to allow him to continue to drive his Model S, but also to make the latter a “ambassadorof Tesla longevity.

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