this summer, Italy, Spain and Cyprus highlighted with new products

This summer, McDonald’s has decided to highlight Italy, Spain and Cyprus with new products that will be offered in restaurants. And what is certain is that the fast-food chain will delight us!

Two new menus this summer to enjoy

Indeed, McDonald’s regularly updates its menu by incorporating new products inspired by world cuisine. We remember the McBaguette to pay homage to France, the Mac Kebab, the Mac Falafel or even the coriander sundae. For the approaching summer season, the firm has just announced that two menus will be offered this summer.

First, today, Italy is coming to McDonald’s with two new burgers : I’Italian Stack and the Crispy Chicken Italiano. The first consists of two beef steaks, mozzarella, onions, lettuce and tomato sauce as well as a cheese sauce between two slices of bread with herbs. The second consists of crispy chicken with melted mozzarella, pesto sauce and ciabatta bread.

And after your burger, you can taste a new McFlurry with tiramisu flavor.

Summer is going to be hot

Finally, for the second part of the summer, Spain and Cyprus will be honored. There too, new products inspired by the specialties of these two countries. Starting July 27, the Spicy Spanish Stack burger (two beef steaks, paprika bread, spicy tomato sauce, red onions, lettuce and chilli cheddar) and Chicken Fiesta (with chicken instead of steak and spicy chorizo) will be offered.

And for Cypriot flavors, you can taste halloumi friesa typical cheese made from goat’s and sheep’s milk to be eaten with a tomato sauce.

A great program to enjoy this summer except that, unfortunately, to discover all these summer novelties, you will have to cross the Channel because these menus will only be offered at McDonald’s restaurants in the UK. But it can be an opportunity to spend a little weekend with our neighbors!

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