This magical and healthy drink helps to lose weight and eliminates bad cholesterol, its recipe revealed!

The Aztecs and Mayans planted chia seeds in South America. This is the reason why Mexico drank a lot of this miraculous drink chia-based. This drink flavored with chia seeds and lemon, also called chia fresca, has become the detox juice par excellence. The latter swell on contact with water and therefore bring a feeling of satiety. Perfect for quenching your thirst, its slimming powers have made its reputation with diet professionals.

Weight loss: Lemon, a slimming ally

This citrus fruit is a formidable slimming ally for cholesterol.

A powerful detoxifier

Lemon is a citrus fruit that has long been used in detoxifying cures and purifying. Her high vitamin C contenthas earned it its extraordinary antioxidant properties.

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These essential qualities improve the intestinal flora and therefore contribute to weight loss. But that’s not all ! It is also a powerful ally against the free radicals responsible for cancer.

He even protects the liver against alcohol damage. Its tangy taste, in addition to its health benefits, could perfectly enhance your cocktails and light sauces.

All the dieticians talk about it

Unlike sodas and other soft drinks, lemon water will complement your diet well. Its effectiveness in weight loss has long been proven. This weight-regulating action comes mainly from vitamin C.

This last fight against cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress that participates in the storage of fat in the body. The polyphenols present in the citrus fruit are responsible for this.

If you want to find an hourglass figure, you know what you have left to do. A dash of lemon everywhere can change your life.

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Small seeds to lose weight

small but relatively efficientconsuming it regularly will make you look gorgeous.

Chia seeds improve your digestion

These started their reputation in Latin America. Their high fiber content facilitates intestinal transit. In addition, the intestinal flora is all the more improved thanks to its alkalinity.

According to Nutrients magazine, chia seeds would have the power to improve the functioning of the intestine. They would also allow excellent absorption of essential nutrients.

Sprinkled in smoothies or other slimming dishes, chia will ward off your constipation problems and other digestive disorders.

An appetite regulator

Thanks to the high fiber content of chia, consuming it causes a feeling of satiety. To drop cravings, it is therefore the ideal element.

Consuming these seeds daily helps to regulate the appetite of a very greedy person. It also allows you to significantly reduce your waistline and weight.

Why does this miracle drink work?

Chia fresca is interesting for people who adopt a sedentary lifestyle. Although such a rhythm of life is not very advisable, consuming this beverage every morning helps to stay healthy.

The combination of these two foods makes it possible to deep cleanse the body. It even helps get rid of bad cholesterol that is harmful to us.

The recipe for this miraculous water

To prepare this chia water with lemon, you will need: a tablespoon of chia, a glass and a half of water (i.e. 300 ml) and a lemon.

Start first by pouring 100 ml of water into a glass. Add a spoonful of chia seeds to it. Let everything rest for an hour. It is necessary that’a gel forms.

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After that, mix the lemon juice and the remaining 200 ml of water. Now mix the two preparations.

How to drink this mixture?

In order to benefit all the benefits of this drink, make it a daily consumption. Drink it preferably in the morning for fasting.

Adopt a healthy and balanced diet, will allow you to appreciate a little more the results of this cure. For its effectiveness, the duration of treatment is 3 days.

Small warning on the consumption of the beverage

As you might have guessed, the consumption of this drink is not for everyone. This is for example the case of people who suffer from heartburn or stomach ulcers.

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Likewise, thepeople who suffer from prostate cancer or at risk of suffering from it, should therefore not consume chia seeds.

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