This magic trick to get rid of cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants and flies!

The hotter it is, the more insects are out. At the same time, they too have the right to live. But it’s true that if they could get away from us and our house, that would be simpler. But don’t panic, whether they’re flying, climbing, or walking, we’ve got some tips to make sure they don’t bother you. Discover our magic trick!

The trick to getting rid of insects

Anti-ant vinegar

To get rid of ants without using chemicals, vinegar is an excellent ally. There are two methods. Mix dish soap and water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. This way you just have to spray on the ants or where they come from. It’s a simple and effective trick.

Second method, but with white vinegar this time. This time, you replace the dishwashing liquid with vinegar and white. It is a powerful natural pesticide. It will therefore scare away the insects. Indeed, the smell scares away these little beasts, which is understandable. You can keep the sprayer on for a while and then put it back on when you see ants. It works also on cockroaches Besides. If you go through your house with this potion, you shouldn’t have any more bugs, but it smells a little strong on the other hand.

Lemongrass insect repellent, a magic trick

Lemongrass is well known for repelling insects. Although it is generally used against mosquitoes, it also works against flies and ants. It is indeed thanks to its acidic aroma that insects do not prefer to approach it. Indeed, it prevents them from breathing properly.

For application, just place a few lemongrass leaves. Or another element having its scent. You can have it in several places in order to establish a true anti-insect perimeter. As soon as the smell is all around you, in theory flies, mosquitoes and even ants should quickly turn around and finally leave you alone.

You can do the same trick with other strong-smelling plants. For example, peppermint, basil, lemon balm, lavender, rosemary and even wormwood. All are hated by insects.

Citrus fruits against mosquitoes

Insects are often annoying. They sting, fly everywhere, prevent us from sleeping. But here is another solution to get rid of them. Citrus fruits are an excellent repellent. Indeed, do not throw away your orange or lemon skins and keep them. They may well allow you to have peace. This trick works every time.

Indeed, citrus peel allows you to smell good in the room where they are and two to make insects leave. A simple zest of lemon or orange can scare away mosquitoes. You can also, to increase its effectiveness, use an electrical device suitable for insect repellents. Indeed, if you lay down some citrus peels above they will heat up. This way they give off more odor so your home will smell good, and mosquitoes and other bugs will leave you alone. This is our super tip of the day.


Although not very natural, the insecticide is still practical against certain insects. Especially cockroaches. But if it is not used well it will not be very effective. Indeed, if you spray insecticide on a cockroach, it does not work well. And for good reason, not all insects breathe like us. Cockroaches, for example, breathe through their stomachs. So by spraying it, it doesn’t smell like insecticide. So if you see one, you have to spray the insecticide under his bellyand not on its shell.

For smaller insects like ants, you have to think. You often see them in single file. Well, follow them. This way you only have to use the insecticide in the anthillor at least where they come from.

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