This electric Ford SuperVan tops the Tesla Model S Plaid at the post

The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan was showcased at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in the UK as a “high-speed science experiment”. But it is above all its specifications that make you dizzy.

Source: Ford

On the other side of the Channel, the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​(June 23 – 26, 2022) is currently taking place, an automotive event which brings together many historic racing vehicles. It is also an opportunity for some manufacturers to put several of their projects in the spotlight.

Polestar, for example, gave more information on its Polestar 5, its future anti-Tesla Model S. Ford, for its part, presented its Ford Pro Electric SuperVan, which brings the Ford Transit Supervan up to date, but with electric sauce.

2000 horsepower

As a reminder, this vehicle produced from the 1970s combined the style of the Transit van and the performance of a sports racing car. But it is this time in the era of time that this supercharged vehicle is making a comeback, as a “that high-speed science experiment», Underlines the press release.

The least we can say is that the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan has a more than impressive technical sheet: four electric motors, 50 kWh liquid-cooled battery, 2000 horsepower, quick charge in 45 minutes and above all, a 0 to 100 km / h shot in less than two seconds.

Show Ford know-how

For comparison, the overpowered Tesla Model S Plaid does not do better with its 2.1 seconds. With the difference that the American sedan is already driving well and truly on the roads, while the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is above all a “demonstration of Ford’s advanced electric vehicle and connectivity know-how“.

Also, this vehiclehighlights the company’s commitment to electrification“, insists the brand, which developed this concept in the greatest secrecy alongside Ford Performances – rally and racing specialist – and Ford Design, for the exterior design.

Five driving modes

Inside, a SYNC touchscreen – the same as on the Ford Mustang Mach-E – was installed by the engineers. The vehicle can also send real-time data “to remote vehicle management software“, so that it can be monitored via an application “which translates live data into information on speed, lap times“.

Several modes offer different driving experiences: Rally, Drift, Drag (maximum acceleration), Track (to balance speed and cornering on the track) and Road. However, do not expect to see this vehicle being marketed by Ford, which seeks above all to unpack, as we said, all its know-how.

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