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Expect some great savings at Rakuten with this mini price on the 2022 Apple iPhone SE.

Rakuten spoils you and offers you a discount never seen before on the web with a really good knockdown price on the latest iPhone SE released this year. It only costs 399.85 euros only on the Rakuten site against 529 euros on the official Apple site. It’s the best price you can find on the web, so take advantage of it in the next few days while there’s still time.

Nearly 130 euros in savings is not nothing and these days, they will always be welcome. In addition, its white starlight color will attract light and give you an inimitable style. Its average repairability index is 6.2 out of 10, so you know for sure before you even buy it on Rakuten that you’ll have an easier time fixing it or finding and ordering spare parts to make it last even longer. long time.

Take advantage of a shock promo on Apple’s latest iPhone SE

Apple’s iPhone SE 2022 is on sale on Rakuten, a bargain not to be missed if you want to save more than 120 euros compared to the competition and have a quality smartphone in your pocket. Indeed, its price is only 399.85 euros on the Rakuten merchant site. It has a fingerprint reader to turn it on and protect your data in all circumstances against intruders. Its 4.7-inch screen offers you unparalleled maneuverability, you can use it with one hand without any problem and take it with you everywhere. Plus, it has a capable wide-angle camera to take panoramic and wide shots without cutting out the details you care about. Its autonomy can go up to 15 hours of continuous video playback, perfect for those who don’t want to wait to discover the rest of their favorite series. Its 5G compatibility will do wonders to ensure a reliable, fast and secure connection at all times.

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