This common condition that affects women may increase the risk of stroke

According to a recent American study, women who suffer from this chronic gynecological disease have a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disorders. Explanations.

10%. Here is the percentage of women in France affected by this chronic gynecological pathology, called “endometriosis”. Pain during menstruation, dyspareunia…Endometriosis is characterized by the presence of fragments of uterine mucosa, called “endometrium” outside the uterus, which can proliferate especially in the ovaries, peritoneum and sometimes of the digestive tract, as the Health Insurance website points out. But that’s not all: this disease can also increase the risk of stroke. This is suggested by the results of a recent study published on July 21, 2022 in the scientific journal Stroke.

To arrive at such a conclusion, the scientists studied the data of nearly 116,000 women from 1989 to 2017, a follow-up lasting twenty-eight years. Among the participants, nearly 5,200 of them had endometriosis. In addition, many risk factors have been analyzed such as:

Results ? Women with endometriosis had a higher risk of stroke, 34%, compared to those who had no history of the disease. However, the latter observed no difference between endometriosis and stroke based on age, history of infertility, body mass index or menopause.

“These results suggest that women with a history of endometriosis may be at higher risk for stroke. Clinicians should (…)

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