This auction of collector’s items should appeal to Apple fans

The most nostalgic among us may want to find a piece of Apple history and get their hands on a vintage iPod or iMac to start or fill a collection of brand objects. It is possible today, and for a few more days, thanks to an auction devoted to the history of the Apple brand.

The Catawiki platform offers a little more than 20 Apple devices, from the old Macintosh SE/30 dating from 1989 to the iMac G3, available in several colors, or even the original iPod from 2001, an emblematic piece for all fans of the Californian manufacturer.

Closer to home, we also find a copy of the iPhone from 2007, the first of the name, the iPod mini from 2004 in its pink color, or an iPod U2, with the aluminum back decorated with the signatures of the members of the group. Irish.

The centerpiece of this sale, however, remains a prototype of the mouse designed for the Apple LISA, released a little before the Macintosh and the first to offer a graphical interface. The item is also the most expensive on offer, with a starting price of $1,200.

If your geek heart leaps at the mention of these devices, you only have a few hours left to bid and get your hands on these few pieces of history.

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