This 1 million euro house is for sale, the owner is offering his Tesla Model Y!

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In New Zealand, the property market has become hostile to sellers. Prices have risen by 40% since the Covid-19 pandemic and buyers are increasingly wary.

Selling a house has become a real crossroads, especially when it is offered for NZ$1.8 million (€1,094,000).

To motivate future buyers, the current owners of this 7 bedroom, 2 kitchen, 5 bathroom villa had an idea.

As a bonus for ownership, they offer to offer a new Tesla Model Y. Buyers can even choose the color of the model directly from the dealer.

Sure, a car worth NZ$80,000 isn’t much compared to the selling price of the house, but catching the eye of potential buyers is a bonus. It remains to be seen whether this tempting offer will have an effect.

A surprising practice

It is possible to see real estate offers including cars on the lot. These are often huge villas with a collection of cars inside. But there the offer from these New Zealand sellers is surprising to say the least. Effectively, it remains to be defined…

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