“They came into my mouth, under my sunglasses”: a young woman bitten more than 200 times by mosquitoes

Manon was working in melon fields near the Camargue Regional Natural Park when she found herself trapped by swarms of mosquitoes on Monday July 4.

“I had never seen that. They got everywhere, in my mouth, under my sunglasses… It was all the more surprising that some of my colleagues didn’t seem to get bitten”says the 20-year-old woman at Free lunch.

Despite her long clothes and special tropical zone mosquito repellent, the young woman had more than 200 bites on her legs at the end of the day.

Work stoppage and treatment

They “were puffy and covered in pimples”recalls Manon, who is however not allergic. “The problem is the pain wasn’t going down. I had a burning sensation. Couldn’t sleep or just touch my legs.”

A doctor diagnoses him with a violent reaction, due to too many bites. He gives her a treatment based on anti-inflammatory, cortisone and antihistamine and takes her off work. “He clearly advised me against exposing myself to mosquitoes again. He had never seen such a reaction.”

The Gard is the only department in France to be placed on orange alert “unusual bites and proliferations” by Vigilance Moustiques.


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