“they are going straight to bankruptcy”

Try Elon Musk doesn’t believe in Lucid and Rivian: “they’re going straight to bankruptcy”?

Configure your vehicle Elon Musk doesn’t believe in Lucid and Rivian: “they’re going straight to bankruptcy” or request a free trial.

Worried for Rivian and Lucid, the boss of Tesla? Yes, but more for their state of health than their competition.

During an interview given to the small YouTube channel of the owners of Tesla of Silicon Valley from the Gigafactory in Texas, Elon Musk was not very confident as for the future of Rivian and Lucid, however compatriots specialized in the electric car and whose production comes directly on the flowerbeds of Tesla.

“Unless there are drastic changes with Rivian and Lucid, they are headed for bankruptcy, their current trajectory takes them there. Hopefully they can get it right, but unless they cut their cost dramatically, they’ll end up in the automaker’s graveyard, like everyone else except Tesla and Ford.”

A little too hard, the Elon? Probably realistic, rather: Rivian and Lucid have indeed suffered a real financial haemorrhage in recent months and chained production and therefore delivery delays. But that’s forgetting a little too quickly that Tesla was in exactly the same situation a few years ago, with many commentators predicting the same dismal future for it in the short term.

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