These two Italian restaurants in Brussels have just been voted the best in the world

A prestigious top 5

This is the eagerly awaited ranking every year, proof that Italian cuisine is still as popular around the world. In first place, the Da Vittorio restaurant in Shanghai was voted the best Italian restaurant in the world by chef Stefano Bacchelli. Second place in this prestigious ranking goes to Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto, Canada, with chef Daniele Corona. On the podium’s third step, we find the modern restaurant created by two world-renowned Italian names, the house of Gucci and the famous Modena chef Massimo Bottura: Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura in Tokyo, directed by chef Antonio Iacoviello.

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And it’s an address much closer to home this time that comes in fourth place: Il Carpaccio, a creation of the Cerea family with Oliver Piras and Alessandra del Favero located in Paris. Fifth place finally went to Fiola from Fabio Trabocchi in Washington DC. For the record, it is one of US President Joe Biden’s favorite places.

Two Brussels addresses in the ranking

But Belgium can also boast of having the best Italian restaurants in the world in the capital. In fact, in 14th place we find the Senzanome restaurant by chef Giovanni Bruno. The place “located in one of the most beautiful areas of Brussels” according to the Top 50 Italy website, is “essential, clean lines, tables without tablecloths, everyone smiling and always ready to laugh, it’s a real pleasure to be here. In the kitchen, Giovanni Bruno focuses on apparent simplicity, recognizable taste, and he does it perfectly.”

The other Brussels address appears in 49th place in the ranking. This is the restaurant Da Mimmo in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert. “Walking through the corner door with its black finish and the soft light escaping from the glass is promising”can we read. “The atmosphere is elegant with a beautiful stone wall reminiscent of the walls of a wine cellar. In autumn, the scent that immediately hits you when you enter is the smell of truffles, in fact one of the signature dishes here is precisely tagliolini dressed with coveted mushroom.”

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