these products are recalled urgently, they are potentially dangerous, they are pesto sauces

A product recall is once again in the spotlight. Indeed, it is almost every day that consumers have reason to worry about their diet. Are food health controls less effective? Is information circulating more? Or faster? Be that as it may, the conclusion is the same, consumers are exposed to significant risks. After the scandal of Kinder chocolates and that of Buitoni pizzas, pesto sauces are the subject of an urgent recall procedure. The writing ofonce upon a time invites its readers to the greatest vigilance.

Pesto sauces are the subject of a massive recall in France

Once again, consumers are exposed to major risks. And as always, they are the ones who will toast. Needless to say, everyone is exhausted from discovering one food scandal after another. However, we must continue to inform ourselves to avoid the worst. The writing ofonce upon a time reminds you that fragile people are most at risk. Indeed, young children, the elderly, pregnant women and immunocompromised people can sometimes risk their lives. Product recall procedures therefore exist to avoid tragedies.

And since mid-May, jars of pesto sauces have been targeted by these procedures. Consumers are called upon to bring these jars of sauces back to the store to be reimbursed. Because the levels of pesticides contained in these products would exceed the limit of the threshold authorized in France. According to several of our colleagues, in particular the journalists of the magazine K Tipp, only 3 out of 14 brands do not contain pesticides. This is becoming obvious, so we will have to review our consumption habits. Indeed, there is no longer any question of relying on the packaging of our jar of pesto sauce, or even on the reputation of the brand. Read the ingredient list carefully.

Pesto sauces were, however, one of the few products whose customers did not read the label. And for good reason, it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients to make a homemade pesto sauce. But now a recall procedure hits this product and all our habits are turned upside down.

Unstoppable health and food scandals?

Once again, we must therefore believe that the quality controls have not fulfilled their missions. That they realized too late the failure of products sold in supermarkets. According to the conclusions of the control bodies, it is possible to find substances such as dimethomorph, mandipropamide, fluopicolide and also azoxystrobin. Consuming these molecules could be fatal in high doses. In addition, they are substances recognized as carcinogens.

The preferred brands are the brands Barilla and From Cecco to avoid too high doses of pesticides according to our colleagues. May writingonce upon a time insist, don’t let your guard down. A product recall alerts consumers to a single product for an instant. But this also means that quality controls are not always reliable. Better to listen and pay attention to publications from the official government website Drink reminder so as not to take risks.

Finally, the best we have left to do will probably be to favor homemade sauces. Making your own pesto sauce isn’t that hard after all. And we can choose quality products ourselves to make it. Our readers will no doubt have noticed that prepared meals, just to be reheated or ready to eat, are those that expose our bodies to the greatest risks. But the fact is, product recall procedures can strike anywhere!

Once again, it will be absolutely necessary to remain vigilant. Checking your cupboards and fridge is unfortunately an operation to be carried out daily these days. All while scanning the Web to check the current product recall procedures. Indeed, the agri-food industry is facing a major challenge. In order not to permanently lose consumer confidence, it will have to react quickly. Although it’s probably too late now for pesto sauces.

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