these hidden functions will amaze you, how to activate them?

On Google Chrome, it is possible to activate hidden options called “flags”. Some will allow you to improve your experience on the browser. We explain to you.

Google Chrome

If Google Chrome’s keyboard shortcuts are devilishly practical, did you know that there was a menu allowing you to activate a slew of hidden features? These are the famous flags, experimental features, some of which will optimize your browsing. They allow Google to test the effectiveness of certain options before rolling them out (or not) to the general public.

Some are totally abstruse for ordinary mortals and will only be used by computer whiz. But others deserve to be known as their usefulness is recognized. Before presenting some of them to you, a small warning is in order. Due to their experimental nature, flags may cause unwanted effects on your browser (such as slowdowns) and compromise your security or privacy.

It is therefore advisable to read the description carefully before embarking on the deep end. But also to avoid activating certain flags whose objective escapes you. Proceed step by step in order to easily detect a feature that is acting up. Finally, be aware that it is possible to reset everything in order to solve a possible problem (by clicking on the button Reset All).

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Google Chrome: how to enable flags

  • Copy paste chrome://flags/ into Google Chrome address bar.
  • The flags menu (in English) appears.
  • To activate one, open the drop-down menu and click on Enabled.
Image 1: Google Chrome: these hidden functions will amaze you, how to activate them?
  • Then click on the button Restart to apply the changes.

However, it is difficult to find your way among the myriad of flags available. For example, you can enable the feature “Auto Dark Mode for Web Content”. This will allow you to darken all web pages and thus enjoy a complete dark mode. After typing its name in the search bar, follow the aforementioned steps to set it up.

Image 2: Google Chrome: these hidden functions will amaze you, how to activate them?

If you use Google Chrome on a touch device, we recommend the flag “Touch UI Layout”. This will allow you to make the interface more manageable by enlarging the search bar in particular.

We also suggest you try “Parallel Downloading” which is nothing but a download booster. This allows you to split a download into several parts before combining everything into a single file. A good way to save time when initiating large downloads.

Also try the flag “reader-mode”, a reader mode which transforms the interface to make reading an article easier, elements other than the text being removed. After activating it in the flags menu, just click on the play icon (to the right of the address bar) to enjoy it.

A good point finally for the flag “Automatic tab discarding” which disables inactive tabs so that they don’t use up RAM for nothing (which slows down the system unnecessarily). You can then easily reactivate them with a single click.

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