the Tesla Cyberwhistle is a hit

Try Immediately unveiled, immediately sold out: the Tesla Cyberwhistle is a hit?

Configure your vehicle As soon as it is revealed, as soon as it is sold out: the Tesla Cyberwhistle is a hit or request a free trial.

Launched to everyone’s surprise, the Tesla Cyberwhistle whistle is already “sold out”.

The enthusiasm that hovers around tech start-ups is beyond comprehension. This is the case with Apple which, for example, can offer the Chiffonnette (with a capital C) at the price of 25 € without this preventing it from exploding stocks. This is also the case of Tesla which, to make fun of Apple in passing, launches a whistle cut like a Cybertruck.

Called Tesla Cybertwhistle, this stainless steel whistle cut in the mass adopts lines cut with a billhook, in the purest Wedge Design spirit of the electric utility. His particuliarity ? None, except make noise. A paradox for a brand of electric cars, but which also offers a tequila.

A Tesla whistle for $50

Available on the store, this whistle is presented as the ultimate whistle. And, drum roll, the brand even had the intelligence to integrate “an integrated fixing function for more versatility”.

It is therefore not a Tesla whistle in the eyes of the manufacturer, but the Tesla of whistles. Enough to turn on the lights of the American brand, who threw themselves on this collector’s item offered at $50. It is now sold out.

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