The slow beginnings of vaccination against monkeypox

Sitting in the airplane seats that sit in the waiting room of Air France’s international vaccination center (CVI), in the 10e district of Paris, Grégory Hostotte, 44, is in full teleconsultation. Came to be vaccinated against monkeypox, Monday July 25, he had not seen that it was necessary to have a medical prescription, the nurses of the center not having the right to decide who can be vaccinated or not .

Missing the precious injection is out of the question. In extremis, Grégory found an appointment with a doctor in twenty minutes. “It saves my life” he breathes, relieved. The only other vaccination window he had found was September 20, he couldn’t wait until then. Self-employed, this manager of two well-being centers in the Paris region did not want to take the risk of isolating himself for three weeks in the event of infection with the virus. Not to mention the severe pain described by many infected people.

In the queue, Christian (he only gave his first name), 45, shorts and messy hair, used the proven method when vaccination against Covid-19 began, frantically updating his page on Doctolib to get an appointment as soon as possible. As an “open couple”, he fears the stigmatization of people affected by the disease, whose marks are very visible.

The demand for vaccination is extremely strong. At the CVI, the 500 slots offered on Doctolib left in ten minutes, but people continue to call and show up spontaneously at Quai de Jemmapes. “We are surprised to see the speed with which appointments are made”underlines Adrien Dereix, doctor and director of the CVI, where 300 people are vaccinated per week against monkeypox.

“Complicated Yarrow”

Numerous testimonies from associations or published on social networks show the difficulties in finding an appointment to be vaccinated since the extension of the campaign, on July 8, to the most exposed groups, in particular men with relations. sex with men (MSM). In a press release published on Monday, the associative collective Inter-LGBT lists all the pitfalls of the current campaign: “Announcement of the expansion of vaccination not prepared in advance, deliveries of insufficient doses of vaccine, disorganized supply circuits, insufficient vaccination sites, slots unavailable on Doctolib. »

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