The skin does not like the sun

Imagine your prettiest dress. Suppose someone places it in front of a gas heater, which is on. You will shout “Crazy! » and, you will be right… Yet this is what happens daily on the beaches: with the same effect as the gas on your dress. For the lucky ones, a nasty sunburn. For the most unfortunate, a second degree burn.

So, we’re going to try together to precisely avoid this first sunburn of the season. For those who thought they were doing it after undergoing a few ultraviolet sessions in a beauty salon, you missed it! We know that this prevention is of interest only for the aesthetics of the tan because, for the rest, premature aging, appearance of wrinkles and lack of protection are on the program. So the only smart advice for the first sunbath is to take it easy and above all to remove your hair very gradually, as our great-grandmothers knew how to do so well.

Hat, long-sleeved shirt, even if it’s a little outdated, are the guarantee of arriving “nickel” in the second week. In particular, force your children to bathe with a t-shirt, because it is often in the water that the worst sunburns occur. Moreover, the t-shirt must be worn permanently during the hours of exposure. Some resorts have hired young medical students to spot children unknowingly exposed to burns – sometimes serious at this age.

If you decide that these tips are decidedly too old-fashioned, use sunscreen liberally. Even if some claim – which is not the opinion of the majority of skin specialists – that those with a very high protection index would do a total disservice to our skin by not preparing it for the trauma of the sun. . In this case, we can give preference to indices that are a little less strong, but with much more frequent applications. It’s sometimes a little unpleasant with the sand of the beach, but it’s the price to pay to shine in the evening under the lights of the nightclub and not live the martyrdom of generalized sunburn. However, if this is the case and the tan is rather red, as is often the case in medicine, it is with soothing creams that you will find relief after a cold shower and frequent drinks.

You can in small give paracetamol if the pain is too important. For others, aspirin – respecting the doses and contraindications – or anti-inflammatories.

For more severe burns, the doctor will prescribe a cream containing corticosteroids to relieve your pain sensation.

As soon as the blisters appear, you can pierce them, but in no case cut them out. And do not forget to clean the blister area with an antiseptic. Because the skin is an organ – it is moreover, with 4.5 kg, the heaviest of our organism – whose role of adornment is only a very small element compared to its vital role of exchange with the outside.

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