the Series 7 is on sale, hard not to crack

If you need to track your sports performance or even know your state of health in real time, nothing better than the Apple Watch Series 7, which is at a crazy price on Rakuten.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the latest watches being made right now. Developed by Apple, it has many sophistications and advances that will allow you to have a versatile device on your wrist. It is displayed at only 356.70 euros on Rakuten instead of 429 euros with a discount of 17% in total.

You can therefore save 72 euros on your purchase simply by going through the Rakuten site. It will seduce you with its sophisticated and versatile blue strap. Customers who have already purchased it give it a rating of more than 4 stars out of 5. Take advantage of it while it is listed at this price on the Rakuten site and save money.

Take advantage of the discount on the Apple Watch Series 7

You no longer have any reason not to crack with this mini price on the Apple Watch Series 7 Apple at 356.70 euros with a price drop of 72 euros at Rakuten. If you need to know your heart rate at any time or the calories burned during different exercises such as yoga, tai chi, swimming, running or cycling, it is there. Track your sleep by observing your sleep stages or breathing rate while you sleep. Your connected watch even provides you with suggestions and indications to improve your sleep and sleep better. The measurement of the oxygen level in the blood can be provided to you at any time by your watch and can be useful to you in particular at altitude. In addition, the Apple Watch Series 7 achieves a real record by offering you an ECG to monitor the health of your heart at all times.

The Apple Watch Series 7 at a price of 356.70 euros instead of 429 euros on Rakuten

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