The second hand also applies to surgical robots

As there is a second-hand market for vehicles, a second-hand market for clothes, there is also a reuse sector for less conventional devices: surgical robots for example. It is because the Lille University Hospital has decided to buy state-of-the-art block robots that a public hospital group in the Lille suburbs has been able to equip itself for not a round with a Da Vinci Si, first hand , year 2018, less than 2,000 interventions on the counter.

A little over two weeks ago, surgeons at the Lille University Hospital Center (CHU) received their two new toys: the latest generation Da Vinci Xi robots. The best of the best: improved ease of use, high-definition 3D vision, high-precision articulated instruments… As a result, the old robot, commissioned in 2018, was losing its usefulness. Why continue to drive a Twingo when you have a Porsche?

A very good deal for the GHSC

It’s a bit exaggerated as a comparison, the previous Da Vinci model not having become obsolete for all that. Moreover, the machine, which still cost between 750,000 and nearly 2 million euros when it was released, was already equipped with 3D technology. A very good deal therefore for the hospital group of Seclin Carvin (GHSC) which recovers the robot free of charge. Another benefit, the GHSC will not even need to train its surgeons in the handling of the Da Vinci, the latter having become accustomed to operating some of their patients with it in the blocks of the CHU.

Exchange of good practices therefore: the CHU gains in performance and the GHSC now has a robot at home. A high-tech reuse that will not displease the planet.

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