the rules to follow if you are sick or in contact

Isolation, vaccination, test… takes stock of the recommendations of the health authorities in the event of contamination or exposure to the monkeypox virus.

Monkey pox continues to spread in France. As of July 5, 577 cases have been confirmed, Public Health France announced on Tuesday in its update. The patients of this new epidemic notably present episodes of fever less frequent and of shorter duration. But what to do in case of contamination or risk?

I am sick: isolation and wearing a mask

In a note dated June 13, 2022, Public Health France indicates the action to be taken in the event of a contraction of monkeypox.

“Confirmed cases must isolate themselves at home for a period of 3 weeks from their date of onset of signs if their clinical condition does not require hospitalization”, can we read. The agency specifies that a “work stoppage or full-time telework authorization may be issued [aux malades] by their attending physician.

In addition, “confirmed cases should isolate themselves from other people within the home, and should not share their clothing, linens and bedding, or dishes with other people. They should wear a surgical mask and not not have physical contact with other people.”

Public Health France also recommends abstaining from sex for up to 21 days after the onset of symptoms.

As for suspected cases, they must benefit from a medical consultation and a diagnostic test. The probable cases are asked to self-isolate pending the test result. In the event of a positive test, they become confirmed cases.

I am a case-contact: vaccination and surveillance

Is considered as “contact person at risk”, any person “having had direct unprotected physical contact with the injured skin or biological fluids of a probable or confirmed symptomatic case”, or “unprotected contact within 2 meters for 3 hours”, indicates Public Health France.

The national agency explains that a post-exposure vaccination must be offered to them. “Ideally”, the vaccine should be administered within four days of the first risky contact.

Public Health France invites them to monitor their temperature twice a day for three weeks, “the fever signing the start of contagiousness and being earlier than the rash”. In the event of symptoms, potential patients should not go to their doctor or to the emergency room, but should call 15.

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