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We tested the Brut ô Dôme restaurant located on the chaussée de Waterloo on the border of Rhode-Saint-Genèse and Waterloo. An experience based on the permanent renewal of the menu according to the products gleaned from local producers.

By L.Dp

Brut ô Dôme is first of all a unique setting, a very beautiful green setting on the Soignes forest to spend pleasant starry evenings on the restaurant terrace. The interior is not bad either with this mixture of raw materials, natural wood and refined decorations. It is also a team of experienced enthusiasts who live their cuisine intensely. It is necessary to discuss with them the end of fat to realize it…

Brut ô Dôme is therefore a bio-gastronomic brand open since spring 2021 and dedicated to an offer of natural, sustainable and ethical dishes. An approach that ensures the traceability of products, short circuits, organic crops. And it’s true that when we count the experience, the words to describe it that come back to us are creativity, audacity, respect for the products. The home garden is located in Overijse and it is from there that the daily inspiration is drawn.

Brut ô Dôme invites you to surprise yourself with an evolving menu that often changes the same day in line with the rhythm of the seasons. Do not look for the detailed map online, there is none. Well, all this is very beautiful, you will say, but we are here to eat (well).


During our visit, you will probably not have the same proposals given the regular menu changes, we had the opportunity to taste the “five courses”. In a style between land and sea, we found: sashimi of fish, variations on green and white asparagus, knife and its trout tartare with its parsley root, Limousin milk-fed veal with sweet potato and spruce and apple dessert.

For the wines, the selection comes from areas that practice organic, biodynamic and the absence of inputs. This gives particular wines, sometimes cloudy, in total discovery. Like this ‘orange wine’ (Editor’s note: a white wine vinified like a red wine) from northern Italy Piedmont Tutorial Sole that it is not usual to taste.

In the kitchen, all of this has been the work since the beginning of 2022 by Florent Wahl, who the “suburbanites” on the other side of Brussels may have known at ‘La Chasse des Princes’ in Sterrebeek, of which he was the chef and the owner.


Prices vary from 60 to 69 euros for five or six course menus without wines. Add 34 or 40 euros for food-wine pairings (5 or 6 glasses). Brut ô Dôme also provides, for lunch, à la carte dishes (18 euros), a menu (48€) or combinations of starter/vegetarian dish (28€), starter/meat dish (36€) or starter /fish dish (€32). A certain range of prices but quality and pleasure are there.

We would not be complete if we failed to mention Sunday, brunch day (at 7 or 16€). As well as special Saturday evenings “Barbecue-Concert” (May 14 and 28, June 11 and July 2). For 35 euros, you have access to good meats from the BBQ and the buffet. To discover.

Restaurant Brut o Dome
Chaussée de Waterloo n°15,
1640 Rhode-Saint-Genèse

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