the reasons to believe in the French anti-Tesla

Stellantis’ electrification program for the next few years suggests the arrival of a Peugeot e-608 sedan capable of taking on Tesla.

Peugeot e-608 – The idea ofa 100% electric French sedan rubbing shoulders with Tesla’s hegemony could make you smile. However, at Peugeot, all the ingredients seem to come together to market, in the medium term, a tricolor rival positioned halfway between Model 3 and Model S.

A promising technology

Despite Carlos Tavarès’ reluctance to comply with the automotive industry’s electrification schedule, the Stellantis group, of which he is the head, has resolved to develop an ambitious strategic plan around zero-emission mobility. Thus, last July, the EV Day event lifted the veil on the four future 100% electric platforms soon to be released by the 14 brands of the Franco-Italian-American constellation, including Peugeot. Among this quartet of foundations, the one answering to the name STLA Medium would be perfect for Leo’s upmarket aspirations.

Up to 700 km range

Dedicated to vehicles extending up to 5 meters in length, STLA Medium already promises to embark a battery pack with a capacity of 104 kWh to rally up to 700 kmwhile most of its propulsion modules (code name EDM #2) would evolve between 170 and 245 hp, depending on model size. But it will be possible to adapt a larger EDM #3 cavalry to increase the power level around 450 hpin order to send the 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds. We bet that such a model will equip each axle with at least one electromotor to benefit, in passing, fromall-wheel drive. Finally, with regard to top-up, Stellantis announces peak voltages up to 800Vlike a Porsche Taycan, to recover 80% autonomy in less than 20 minutes.

The e-Legend style finally materialized?

At the crossroads between Tesla’s Model 3 and Model S, this future Top-model badged Peugeot would be located a notch above the 508hence the surname e-608 thatAuto Moto logically attributed to him. The latter would probably show a template between 4.80 m and 4.90 m long, as well as a record wheelbase benefiting the legroom of the rear passengers. In terms of style, it is obviously impossible to predict its lines. That’s why our exclusive illustration took the liberty of mixing the silhouette of a sedan with the style details that contributed to the success of the e-Legend concept car.

Peugeot e-608 price

In the end, a Peugeot e-608 project appears to us more than legitimate, and possible by 2025/2026. Stellantis will also have plenty of time to decline this platform at Opel, DS, Alfa-Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, and why not Citroën or Lancia. Despite the cost reductions brought about by these synergies, it will be necessary to at least offload €50,000 to afford this heiress of the 604, if it were to see the light of day. In any case, to Auto Motowe take the party to firmly believe in it.

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