the price of Apple headphones will crash tomorrow morning on AliExpress

Apple AirPods Pro adapt to you. Already, to your morphology: the wireless earphones are delivered with 3 sizes of tips, which allows them to adapt to the shape of your ears. Then, at your pace of life: being resistant to humidity, you can wear them when it rains and during your sports sessions. The Apple AirPods Pro feature active noise reduction technology that isolates you from surrounding noise. Conversely, you can switch to Transparency mode with a single tap to interact with the world around you without removing the headphones from your ears. They carry a personalized amplifier as well as various functions that allow you to have accurate and precise sounds. The Apple H1 chip provides faster access to Siri, more stable conversations and many other benefits. The control is instinctive, for high-performance, comfortable in-ear headphones offering great autonomy (18 hours with the MagSafe box).

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Apple AirPods Pro wireless headphones at only 190 euros

The AirPods Pro benefit from two good deals that can be combined on AliExpress. Already, a flash sale brings down the price of Bluetooth headphones to 209 euros instead of 261.25 euros. Also, for a few hours, an AliExpress promo code saves an additional 19 euros. By entering the AliExpress promo code LAPLACE19, in capital letters, the Apple AirPods Pro smart headphones are on sale at 190 euros, VAT included. To take advantage of these good AliExpress plans, you won’t have to hesitate too long since these offers are valid until May 9 at 8:59 am. The price indicated is the one you will pay at the end. There are no customs fees since the order is shipped from France. No hidden costs either when you receive your package, and delivery is also free. You receive your item in just 3 days thanks to the e-merchant’s express delivery.

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AirPods Pro: the price of Apple headphones will collapse tomorrow morning on AliExpress

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