the presentation would have been postponed to January 2023

Apple Glass would be postponed again. According to a reputable analyst, Apple will finally wait until January 2023 to lift the veil on the virtual and augmented reality headset. The sea serpent will still be desired for a few more months.

Contrary to rumors, Apple did not mention Apple Glass during the WWDC 2022 opening conference. Nor did the Californian giant mention the virtual and augmented reality headset operating system, RealityOS. However, many informants expected the subject to be briefly teased during the keynote.

Ming Chi Kuo, a well-known specialist analyst, quickly reacted to the absence of the AR headset during the keynote. According to him, Apple was forced to postpone the presentation. “I believe Apple’s AR/VR headset shipping date will be delayed to Q2 2023 as Shanghai lockdown halts development”, prophesies Kuo. China has decreed several containment measures in the city of Shanghai, which paralyzes the production of many devicesincluding the iPhone 14.

No Apple Glass before 2023

Under these conditions, the American group preferred to postpone the launch for a few months. The production of the accessory should finally start during the third quarter of the current year. Obviously, Apple finds itself again suspended from the decisions of the Chinese government. It is always possible that the production will be postponed again.

For the analyst, Apple will finally present the mixed reality headset during the month of January 2023. He expects a “media event”, which will probably take the form of a keynote, entirely dedicated to the product. It is rare that Apple organizes a conference during the month of January.

In a second step, Apple will deliver the “development kit” headset to developers within 2-4 weeks after the launch keynote. Apple Glass pre-orders will begin in the second quarter of 2023. You will be able to buy the accessory in stores before WWDC 2023, predicts Ming Chi Kuo.

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As expected, Apple’s headset will not hit the market immediately after its presentation. For the analyst, it is now ruled out that Apple Glass will make an appearance in 2022during the September keynote for example.

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