the Pikes Peak version is an airplane on four wheels

Unplugged Performance has unveiled a very muscular version of the Model S Plaid. Objective: break the Pikes Peak record, a 20 km uphill race.

Tesla sets out to storm Pikes Peak. Like last year, automotive studio Unplugged Performance will present a modified version of the Tesla Model S Plaid. And like last year, the model is particularly impressive. Unplugged Performance, which aims to become the ” tuner » official of the Californian brand, wants to hit hard on the race which has just started on the other side of the Atlantic. This marketing move is primarily aesthetic since the version cut for racing has little to do with the one marketed on the manufacturer’s website.

Just take a look at the huge spoiler that looks like it comes from the aeronautical industry to get a glimpse of the work done by the tuning specialists. Indeed, these have essentially modified the body part. The original Model S Plaid was first completely stripped before it was fitted with a new carbon dress (guaranteed weight saving). It was also necessary to modify the suspensions not only in terms of settings, but also on the mechanical part. Race-oriented products replaced the traditional Palo Alto shocks. Finally, the last major change affects the brakes. It would have been very surprising for the Plaid to attack Pikes Peak with its standard brakes. Logically, ceramic disc brakes have been implemented. This option is obviously not available for classic buyers.

Record to beat and to homologate

On the other hand, under the hood, there would be no change compared to the version presented by Unplugged Performance last year. The Model S Plaid would still be powered by three electric motors for a total of 1,034 hp. Indeed, this is Tesla’s second start on the famous hill race. Last year, the Model S won the “Exhibition” category with a time of 6’57”22. On the other hand, the race had to be shortened due to difficult weather conditions and the presence of snow at the top. Consequence: Tesla’s time allowed him to win the race, of course, but not to compare himself to the winners of previous editions.

This is the challenge of this new version slightly modified and still signed Unplugged Performance. The studio is certainly taking advantage of the event to claim the place of ” tuner Official Tesla, but he has no intention of forgetting the sporting stakes of the event. Thus, the Model S Plaid will not only go for the victory, but also to seek the record of 7’57”128 achieved by a VW ID-R in 2018.

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