the owner of the Gernika bar brings the PMU back to the city center

The Luzien professional explains that he was canvassed directly by the Urban Mutual Pari Agency (PMU), an organization which manages the allocation of licenses. He completed an internship and the sesame which was to be awarded to him on June 13 only was granted a few days in advance. “I don’t think anyone wanted it anymore… But for me, it really makes me happy because there hasn’t been a PMU bar in the city center for four years, and because I know that some Luzians had to take their car to go play. »

Mailharro’s era

Gone to buy a large screen in a hurry so that fans can follow the odds and the races live on Equidia, in the starting blocks to go and subscribe to “Paris Turf”, in Laketoki, Peio Cazeaux confides that he is eager to find “a PMU atmosphere that I had known in Switzerland, during the heyday of (Georges) Mailharro”. “I’m happy because it follows the neighborhood bar concept that I wanted to adopt here,” he commented on the eve of D-Day.

I’m happy because it follows the neighborhood bar concept that I wanted to adopt here

“I like this idea of ​​customers who find themselves with a common point. There, it will be the races. It’s good, because it promotes encounters, and because a bar is above all a place of relationships, a place to share good times, ”extends the new tenant on rue Harispe.

Joining the PMU decided him to open his bistro 7 days a week, from 7 am on market days and at 8 am the rest of the week. A stage has also just been set up to host small improvised concerts, such as “jam-sessions”. “We will do this every Friday evening, at the same time as the Pintxo mate. So, here, it will be Pintxo-concert-buddy! he smiles.

“It’s like for the PMU, we try, we’ll see,” continues the sympathetic Peio. Between the location of the bar and the experience behind the counter, the Gernika bet seems on the way to being won.

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