The next 100% made in US AMD, Apple and Nvidia chips?

TSMC will begin production on US soil in 2024 at its Arizona plant. Apple has recently been pushing for the latter to benefit from the company’s latest innovations. TSMC, despite its omnipotence, does not seem to have much choice because of the protectionist policy implemented by the United States, but also the geopolitical uncertainty which poses certain threats to Taiwan’s independence. It is in this context that in the next few hours the American President Biden, accompanied by the CEO of Apple Tim Cook, but also of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, CEO of AMD, Dr. Lisa Su, be present to participate in a ceremony in Arizona announcing the acceleration of the deployment of TSMC on American soil. An important signal confirming a return of Made in US chips.

The Arizona foundry, which was supposed to produce in 5nm, has now been “upgraded” to the 4nm process, and TSMC has formalized the construction of a second factory at the Phoenix site to produce 3nm (N3) chips. If we add to this the capacity of Intel, but also Samsung, which is building a state-of-the-art factory in Texas, planned for 2024, it is a real turnaround that we are witnessing with a strong relocation of production capacity to America especially see in the West with what which also happens in Europe.

Against the return of Made In US for the majority of chips?

Made in US chips will multiply from 2024
aerial view of the construction of the TSMC factory in Phoenix (May 2022)

In just a few years, the Americans have regained control of their silicon supply chain. Projections suggest that by the end of 2024, the United States will have freed itself from dependence on Asian manufacturing centers. This was done with billions in subsidies approved to speed up the construction of new factories, but also by the threat of import duties for foreign companies that would not locate their production on the American continent.

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