The new section of Google Play Store: Data Security

The implementation of the new concept “data security” appears in Play Store. This extension consists in providing, by obligation, information on the collection and sharing of application data. All this for the sole purpose of protecting the personal information of the user, preventing the leakage of confidential data.

A path to greater security of confidential data on Play Store

Some apps in Google Play Store require account creation. These software, for this reason, will request personal information from the user. This information may relate to location, email address, telephone number, calendar, contact or other.

Software developers must contribute to the security of confidential data as well. Internet users can thus receive evaluations of the program’s security practices. Google therefore encourages compliance with the privacy rules on Google Play. The firm thus obliges applications to follow the international security standard.

The policy of the new data security box constitutes a sustained effort by the company for better data protection. Some programs follow the Google Play policy to better protect families and children in Play Store. In July, this new section will announce its release in the Play Store setting.

Regular check of application permissions after downloading

Data collection is defined by different distinct ways, as well as data sharing. Some compilations of information vary by type of software. The application accesses information only on the device without risks of external leaks. Others export data from mobile keeping time and memory. As for the sharing of information, this is done by transferring data to other users.

Downloading an application requires permissions to access certain data. These permission requests are displayed by a notification by making a request for personal information such as access to location, photo album, mobile number, etc.


Introducing these privacy changes in Play Store provides more security for users’ data. This new section will announce its release on July 20, 2022. The implementation of the section allows users to understand what data is collected and shared. All this to clearly determine the applications to install.

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