the new Quicksilver color is visible in concessions

Hesitating to order a Model Y with this new color? You can now see how it looks in real life.

The new Quicksilver color, available to order for a few weeks, arrives in France. Tesla has let us know that starting this Saturday, December 3, its showrooms will display the Model Y coated in this color with the “liquid metal” effect.

The color was developed in the paint workshop at the Gigafactory in Berlin (Germany). It is only available with the Model Y produced across the Rhine. The Quicksilver screen is therefore reserved for the European market and the Middle East.

In a “highly automated” spray booth, the client can apply up to 13 layers of paint. The brand thus promises a “unique depth” and an “exceptional finish”. More simply, this technique makes it possible to have reflections that evolve according to the curves of the model. It will be the same for the other new color designed in Berlin, Midnight Cherry Red.

However, the latter will arrive on the roads in 2023, while deliveries of the Model Y Quicksilver will begin shortly in France. This shade of gray is reserved for the Long Autonomy and Performance variants.

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