the new features of the iPhone under iOS 16 and new products expected on Monday

It is one of the most anticipated high-tech conferences each year by fans of new technologies. Some fans of the Apple brand even scrutinize it with more interest than the iPhone presentation keynote, where the changes have been leaner in recent years. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) opens this Monday, June 6 in California with the traditional presentation conference of new software that will complement the various ranges of Apple devices in the fall.

In recent years, WWDC has seen the presentation of iMessage, FaceTime, Apple Music Where Apple News, services that are now part of the digital daily lives of millions of French people. It’s also where Apple began some of the most important shifts in its history, from the return of Steve Jobs in 1987 to the end of the partnership with Intel after 15 years of working together to design its own chips for MacBook computers.

At the heart of the group’s Californian campus, the futuristic Apple Park in Cupertino, boss Tim Cook and the best engineers of Apple will present on Monday to a few developers and a handful of journalists – a first since the start of the pandemic – a first look at the iOS 16 update. The opportunity to discover the new interface and the future functions that will be deployed on the hundreds of millions of iPhones in circulation around the world in the coming months.

The new features of the iOS 16 update

The new version of the operating system should not overly upset the habits of iPhone owners. The main change on the form should be the addition of a function “Always on display” to permanently display useful information on the locked screen of iPhones (time, battery, notifications) as most Android phones already do.

If we are to believe the indiscretions of the American press, Apple could be tempted to modify the ergonomics of the status bar where the time, connection information and battery level are displayed at the very top of the screen. iPhone screen to set the stage for the new iPhone 14 notch design.

Apple could also inaugurate ane new satellite emergency call function and a system of automatic collision detection to automatically alert the emergency services in the event of an accident. A new music streaming service, dedicated to classical music, and new features for monitoring sleep, medication and the menstrual cycle are also mentioned.

In addition to the iPhone, tablets iPad and computers MacBook will also be entitled to their updates with macOS 13 and iPadOS 16. Based on the same base as the iOS update, the next version of the operating system for iPad should further blur the border with computers Apple by allowing users to view multiple applications side by side and resize open windows with more latitude for a true multitasking experience. A chapter will also be devoted to the new functions brought by the watchOS 9 update to smart watches. AppleWatch.

A first look at Apple’s mixed reality headset

On the material level, the WWDC could give birth toa new MacBook Air eagerly awaited by fans with a new evolution of the Apple M2 house chip, always powerful and efficient over the versions. Other new features mentioned: a possible notch on the screen, like the latest MacBook Pro, and the return of the MagSafe magnetic charger.

Finally, some analysts expect an important announcement, theApple’s arrival in the virtual and augmented reality market with a first mixed reality headset designed by him and a dedicated software platform, whose name realityOS was recently registered by a mysterious entity. Several reports indicate that the group is about to finalize in the greatest secrecy this ultra-sophisticated product which would make it possible to replicate the real world in virtual reality using cameras. If the helmet is not ready, Apple could at least reveal the main lines of its operating system to allow developers to start working on this essential platform for tomorrow’s computing.

All WWDC announcements will be available on and RTL with our special correspondent in Cupertino. See you Monday, June 6 from 7 p.m. for the opening conference.

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