The monstrous Tesla Cybertruck fights the heat wave in its own way

Definitely, Elon Musk never lacks ideas to talk about his products in an original way.

The Tesla Cybertruck has yet to complete its development. It is clearly one of the most awaited novelties in the world: since the Californian manufacturer lifted the veil on this extraordinary machine with a futuristic design, everyone has eyes only for it and it crumbles literally under orders in the USA.

Pending its marketing, which should finally take place at the beginning of 2023, this Tesla Cybertruck regularly makes public appearances. And it’s always a real event to see him in real life. Below he walked out of the factory to…More The bucket seems very practical for this kind of show!

Will he come to Europe?

Remember that his fate in Europe is still uncertain at present. It is no longer possible to order the Cybertruck from us for a few weeks and we have serious doubts as to its ability to comply with European standards (especially in terms of pedestrian impact).

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