The long Covid, a new chronic disease

The World Health Organization estimates that a quarter of people infected with Sars-CoV-2 have symptoms that persist for more than a month, and that at least one in ten is still sick after three months. Angie Wheeler/Cavan Images –

DECRYPTION – Thousands of people with a sometimes mild form of Covid-19 complain of symptoms that persist. What do we know today about this condition?

The testimonies of people affected by the long Covid follow and look alike. In March 2020, Martine lost her sense of smell and suffered from headaches and diarrhea. “After this episode which lasted a few days, my migraines persisted. Then I had untimely diarrhoea. Then it was dermatological problems with episodes of rosacea and insect bites that swelled monstrously. And of course the fatigue that comes without warning. Last summer I was walking on the beach and I had to stop to lie down and sleep for an hour, I was exhausted”, says this Parisian fifty-year-old, very sporty. Alex is 25 years old, and after a Covid in March 2020, he started complaining of heart palpitations, then digestive problems with the onset of gluten intolerance, and muscle pain. “But above all major chronic fatigue. I can be fine in the morning and have a huge pump in the afternoon or still go pretty much…

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