The long-awaited cyclotron has been delivered to Martinique

After many years of waiting, the cyclotron has arrived in Martinique. The equipment for detecting cancers was sent and set up on Friday afternoon (December 9, 2022) at the Caribbean Center for Nuclear Imaging at the Martinique University Hospital. (Re)see the report by Corine Jean-Joseph and Patrick-Jean Guitteaud.

It is a true medical revolution. After more than 25 years of waiting, the cyclotron and its PET scan, for more efficient imaging, have been delivered to the Caribbean Institute of Nuclear Imaging at CHU.

A diagnostic tool that provides better care for patients and doctors.

Nuclear imaging lacks diagnosis, lacks patient history. It is essential for certain diseases for which it is part of the criteria and recommendations. Patients are forced to go to Guadeloupe to have their images made or to France because the Guadeloupe cyclotron cannot make all the tracers. These patients will be able to be treated in Martinique.

Professor Karim Farid, head of the Caribbean Institute for Nuclear Imaging, interviewed by Corine Jean-Joseph

The unit installed in Martinique is more powerful than the one in Guadeloupe. Martinique can become the benchmark for the Caribbean in terms of nuclear medicine. The island is the only French territory that has a wide-field PET scan, that is, it is 10 times more efficient than the others. An investment of 63 million euros.

The construction of the Caribbean Institute of Nuclear Imaging is still ongoing, in the completion phase. We will still have to show some patience, the activation of the cyclotron is announced in June 2023.

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