The latest Chromecast with Google TV is on sale, which is pretty rare!

If you have an aging Google Chromecast, it might be time to renew it, especially since the latest model is currently on sale at Fnac for the French Days.

With new technologies integrated into new televisions, Google Chromecasts are finding it increasingly difficult to win the hearts of new customers. But do not bury it yet, especially since some televisions do not have recent operating systems, and therefore lack connected services such as certain mid-range and high-end television models.

It is therefore with honor and utility that this good plan on the Google Chromecast could interest more than one. Indeed, currently on promotion at Fnac, the latest generation Google Chromecast is priced at €59.99 instead of €69.99. The opportunity to transform your old television at a lower cost.

Take advantage of the offer at Fnac

The Google Chromecast will literally transform your TV

Well, if you haven’t lived in a cave for the past few years, the Chromecast name should be familiar to you. This technology makes it possible to cast, transfer a video or audio stream directly to a television. Although this technology is directly integrated into new televisions, some still do not have it. That’s when this Google Chromecast comes into the game.

Thanks to an Android operating system, an internet connection and an HDMI socket, you can use the applications available for free on the Google Play Store directly on your television. Of course, this third generation comes with an accessory that the previous ones didn’t have, the remote control.

Using the latter you can literally use your television as a connected television or an Apple TV. The minimalism of the remote control delivered with the third generation Google Chromecast will allow you to quickly access YouTube, Netflix, the Google Assistant and other services of the firm.

In short, thanks to this Google Chromecast and its remote control, you will be able to significantly extend the life of your old television. You can also find our test of this essential accessory directly here.

If such a purchase seems relevant to you in order to replace an earlier model, or transform a television, go directly to the Fnac retailer. As a reminder, the latest generation Google Chromecast is priced at €59.99 instead of €69.99.

Take advantage of the offer at Fnac

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