the large vaccination center in Paris recalls vaccinated people

This recall is due to a faulty refrigerator which prevented the conservation of vaccines at the correct temperature.

A break in the cold chain at the beginning of August within the large Parisian vaccination center against monkeypox, requires repeating the injections carried out on those days, i.e. nearly 500 people, the Paris town hall said on Monday August 8, excluding any health risk.

This does not entail any health risk for the people concerned, but a new first injection is necessary to be effectively protected against the virus.“, writes in a message on its site the town hall of Paris, which opened the center”large capacityof vaccination, Edison, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

The center “had to be closed temporarily” and will reopen on Tuesday, adds the town hall, which contacted all the people concerned, namely those who were vaccinated from August 2 to 4. Or 468 people, told AFP Anne Souyris, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of public health. “There was a faulty fridgeand the optimal temperature for storing vaccines was not respected, she explains. The failure was discovered on Thursday morning and led to the immediate closure of the center. “We checked that there was no toxicity. The ANSM (National Medicines Safety Agency: editor’s note) came and certified us that there was no riskadds Anne Souyris. But “health agencies have recommended, for safety, to re-vaccinate people who have received a doseon August 2, 3 and 4. These people are offered a new date and “they have priority over all open slots“, at the Edison center or within the free centers of information, screening and diagnosis (CeGIDD), she still indicates.


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