The Heypster gif app allows you to send GIFs from your Apple Watch

Some of you are especially fond of sending GIFs in your messages. They’ll now be able to do it with the power of their wrist, because the free Heypster gif app is now available on Apple Watch.

An app to send GIFs from your wrist!

After iOS and then MacOS (both Mac M2, M1 and Intel) last November, the application therefore arrives on Apple Watch and requires a minimum of watchOS 9 (so at least a series 4). In fact, it uses the function Improved sharing of watchOS 9 to share a GIF directly from iMessage or Mail.

Like the other versions, the developer specifies it the latter is completely free : There will be no advertising banners or trackers and it does not record no search history. But like all apps available for a smartwatch, screen size remains a challenge. You can also access the entire search engine from your watch, with 15 keywords on the home screen for quick searches without typing or doodling for Series 5, 6 and SE.

The Heypster gif app allows you to send GIFs from your Apple Watch

In a friendly exchange of views, Kevin Choleau – the founder of heypster-gif – returned to the conditions of development of the application and certain difficulties.

Apple Watch app development started in early 2022 (long before our Mac app was developed).

Let’s say that the difficulty of developing on watchOS is the limitation of the system. There are not as many options as on iOS and macOS. For example, on watchOS 8, development was blocked because there was no screen sharing possible for third-party applications on watchOS.
It was possible to share a GIF that was in Apple’s Photos app in watchOS, but couldn’t share it from our app.

So I requested this feature from Apple. I was waiting for Kevin Lynch’s presentation of watchOS 9 at WWDC in June and was happy to see the Extended Sharing feature coming to watchOS 9.

In the meantime, the development of the macOS app had started, so we resumed after the development on the Apple Watch.

How does it work?

Once a GIF has been selected and loaded, you can send it directly to iMessage from your Apple Watch, the editor guarantees high quality content as on all other heypster gif applications available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. As a reminder, on other systems, all you have to do is execute one very classic copy-paste on macOS Ventura to insert their GIF into an iMessage conversation on Mac. For Monterey and Big Sur, we will have to go through the shortcut Command + V to do the same.

Finally, it is worth underlining the effort and determination of heypster-gif to compete with the biggest. In fact, heypster-gif is the first GIF platform to have its application on the Apple Watch. Giphy (Meta) is not present on watchOS and Tenor-GIF (Google) – although it is included by default in the image function of iMessage – does not have its own application.

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The Heypster gif app allows you to send GIFs from your Apple Watch

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