The GPU on the Apple A16 chip should have been more powerful

According to sources in Cupertino from The Information, the Apple A16 chip that powers the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max should have had a significantly more powerful GPU. Apple is said to have planned a “generational leap” for the A16 chip with the addition of major new features, such as ray-tracing support for better, more realistic lighting control in video games.

The prototypes would have consumed much more energy than estimated by software simulations, with too great an impact on the battery life and overall heat of the iPhone. The flaw would have been discovered quite late in the development process, and Johny Srouji’s teams would have had to fall back at the last minute on a not so improved version of the previous generation GPU. Thus, the A16 chip presents graphics performance that is only very slightly higher than the A15 chip.

This type of failure is obviously unprecedented in the history of Apple processors, and would have led to a restructuring of the team responsible for graphics, with the departure of several executives who would have played a key role in the rise in power. Apple chips in previous years. The information also claims that Apple should have faced a slight drain of talent in recent years, as the engineers who worked on the chips on the iPhone – which are the most powerful on the market – are in demand by competitors.

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