The government is concerned that the health system is facing a triple winter epidemic

Visiting health workers, the Minister of Health, François Braun, did not hide his fears, Thursday, December 22, regarding the French health system, faced with a triple winter epidemic of Covid-19, bronchiolitis and influenza.

“Our health system is under particular pressure at the moment, with Ambulances seeing a 30% to 40% increase in calls”remarked the minister in front of reporters.

Sir. Braun was on a night visit to the Emergency Medical Service (SAMU) in Paris, based at the Necker Hospital (AP-HP), before going to the Delafontaine Hospital in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Dennis), in order to“give government support to all the mobilized teams”. Notice it “the emergency services are also saturated with hospitalization difficulties”the minister referred to a “situation (…) critical at the level of the health system”.

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“Everyone is mobilizing in a kind of sacred union that is remarkable”he greeted, predicting a situation “even more complicated next week”. “We have an extremely difficult course to overcome”he remarked.

“Reform” the health care system

The wave of Covid-19, slowing down at national level, but not in all regions, contributes to this context of “triple epidemic”, which tests the health system. Indeed, it is added to the flu, which is sweeping across the metropolis, and to bronchiolitis, which has reached record levels for more than a decade in infants despite a recent lull.

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A group of more than 5,000 doctors, carers and hospital workers called in on Wednesday The worldthe executive power to act“emergency” to help a public hospital “Cracks and crumbles soon”unable, according to them, to“mitigation of the smallest health crisis”.

François Braun promised on Thursday evening that he would begin “from the month of January the global reform of our health system, territory by territory”after working in the National Refoundation Council. “I thank all the professionals and I tell them that we are mobilized and that we will take the health system head on to reform it.”he assured.

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