The Google Pixel could soon receive a major update

Google’s flagship phones will soon receive special software tweaks that will set them apart from all other Android smartphones on the market. According to 9to5 Google, the Pixel Launcher, which sits on the home screen, is currently undergoing a more advanced search upgrade. This upgrade will match your queries with results from various additional apps like Google Maps, YouTube, and the Play Store.

When you search from the current Pixel home screen, you will already get results from mobile phone files and Google’s web search engine. But this feature is going to be extended in the near future.

Photo credits: Google

What is this Google Pixel search upgrade?

The improved search function not only provides access to certain applications such as Google Maps and YouTube, but also allows you to perform more searches. Additionally, you can search Android settings with this feature.

However, there is a caveat: interpreting unfinished code is always difficult, and even if 9to5Google has correctly identified the new features, there is no guarantee that Google will implement them to the end. Moreover, it is still impossible to determine if other Android smartphones will be able to take advantage of the same features, or when this upgrade will arrive on Pixel smartphones.

Now there’s a future for Google’s flagship phones

Since 2013, Google has had its ups and downs with its flagship devices (Pixel and Pixel XL). But, the arrival of the Pixel 6 series seems to put the company on the right track. In his statement, Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the Pixel was the best-selling phone model to date. While it didn’t reveal the actual sales numbers, it looks like Google finally has a smartphone that can rival brands like Apple and Samsung.

Still, getting a better smartphone requires a good mix of hardware and software, and Google has really advanced in the latter area. This upgrade proves that Google is moving forward with its work, and it plans to do even more in the years to come.



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