The Google Pixel 6 went on sale on Facebook a month before its official release

While we weren’t expecting it until at least the end of July, Google’s Pixel 6a has already found its way to Facebook Marketplace where a copy of the phone has been put up for sale by an unscrupulous internet user. The future mid-range photophone from Google appeared almost a month ahead of time on Facebook’s market place, the ad having then been taken offline a few hours after its publication.

This indiscretion coming from a Malaysian Internet user made it possible to see the mobile from all angles. If the sale offer has been deleted from Facebook, the photos that accompanied it continue to turn on the Internet. You can see the back and the front of the phone (and pretty fingerprints), as well as some technical information such as its DAS index. Just to drive the point home, the person behind the ad also posted a boxing of the phone on TikTok where you can see the phone and its accessories.

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro on the mop on eBay

The phone’s design and look are already known, as it was officially unveiled on May 11, 2022, but more amazing is its going on sale a month before its official release. Google seems to be having a hard time keeping its devices a secret, with the premature release of this Pixel 6a coming just a week after another similar incident.

In late May, a prototype of the Pixel 7 (not expected until at least fall 2022) was selling on eBay for $500-something. Stranger still, on Reddit, a user explains that he was able to buy a Pixel 7 Pro and use it for about three weeks before Google deactivated the phone and wiped all data remotely. For the surprise, it is missed.

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