The Google Nest Cam camera ensures the security of your home on the cheap thanks to French Days promotions!

News good deal The Google Nest Cam camera ensures the security of your home on the cheap thanks to French Days promotions!

The little news from Google’s home automation collection is her! Google Nest Cam, the battery-powered camera to install indoors or outdoors, will allow you to monitor your home in real time. If you were hesitating to invest in a surveillance system, the French Days tip the balance in its favor with a great promotion.

The Google Nest Cam on sale at Fnac during the French Days

Do you want to be able to leave with peace of mind, enjoy your vacation by the sea without worrying about a potential burglary, or just watch that your dog does not climb on the sofa when you are at work?

We present to you the Google Nest Cam, a small camera, easy to install and aesthetic to blend perfectly into your interior (or exterior). During the French Days, its price drops on the Fnac website, dropping from €199.99 to €169.

Buy the Google Nest Cam for €169 at Fnac

The big plus of this camera is surely its battery power which means easy installation and flawless resistance to bad weather.

However if you live in an area where it rains a lot and you plan to install your camera outdoors you can opt for a power supply using the weatherproof cable. Beyond the fact that you won’t have to worry about power, this cable gives you access to additional Nest Aware features.

Technical specifications of Google Nest Cam

Offering you a 24/7 live view, the Google Nest Cam, on the other hand, only offers 3 hours of video history in its free version. If a Wi-Fi or power outage were to happen, don’t worry, the camera stores up to an hour of events in its local memory.

In terms of functionality, the camera detects people, animals and vehicles that enter your home and sends you real-time alerts to your phone. Second feature, and not least, you can communicate with your visitors via the camera thanks to the two-way communication with integrated speaker and microphone.

It should be noted that the recorded image is also of very good quality thanks to HDR and Night Vision technologies which make it possible to obtain a clear image in all weathers.

And because the security of your data is as important as that of your home, of course Google is no slouch as the Nest Cam uses encrypted video with two-step verification and strong security through your Google Account.

Buy the Google Nest Cam for €169 at Fnac

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