The Girondins are on a downward slope [Joueur par joueur Le Havre-Bordeaux]

Bordeaux begins its second half of the season with an indisputable defeat to leaders Le Havre, 1-0 despite a numerical superiority for almost 30 minutes. The Girondins failed to hit a shot from the match. Feedback on performance player by player.

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David Guion : The Bordeaux coach renewed the same team that defeated in Niort 5 goals to 3, 5 days before. His players seemed tired, indecisive and unimaginative in the game. His tactical and attacking training was as delayed as it was sterile. Finally, his team did not make any shots on goal in this encounter. The last win in Ligue 2 dates back to October 22 against Annecy.

Gaetan Poussin : feet on the ground and head elsewhere. He misses his exit on the goal of Le Havre. Richardson just has to push the ball into the net. In addition, in the second half he misses a raise, which he gives to the opponent. Fortunately, Le Havre just lacks the frame. Note a reflex stop on his line.

Clement Michelin : two duels won in 54′ game. No successful cross. He leaves with a concussion. Replaced by Bokele. The latter expels Cornette in a duel.

Yoann Barbet : Complicated first half hour for the captain of the Girondins. He is guilty of losing the ball on a raise. He is also late in marking the goal for Le Havre. He gradually returns to his fight and weighs the discussions with the referee. He seemed lethargic.

Stian Gregersen : a solid fight in the duel. He took punches and he gave punches. 5 duels won.

Vital Nsimba : he also missed the first 30 minutes of the game. He lost his first ball by missing his raise. He couldn’t get out of the pressure at the start of the match. He is also late to score on Richardson as Le Havre opened the scoring. Finally, he didn’t weigh offensively, although he attempted 14 crosses and succeeded in 6, none decisive…

Junior Mwanga : placed in 6 to compensate for the many absences, it merges into a cute and tasteless collective. It brings no more than those they replace.

Danylo Ignatenko : The game went too fast for him in midfield. He tried to carry his actions forward, but it doesn’t sit well with his teammates. He wins 7 duels.

Dylan Bakwa : able to make the difference on an acceleration. He forgets once in two Clément Michelin, who is nevertheless well marked in his course. He has an opportunity to equalize in the second half, but his unselfishness on this occasion causes an interception by the defence. Shame.

Zuriko Davitashvili : Shaken in the duels, he failed to lead the Bordeaux attacks. He too is suddenly able to make a difference, but like Bakwa, he doesn’t get along with Maja or Badji in the game. Problematic.

Aliou Badji : 17 balls in 90 minutes of play, 10 lost. No shots on target. He shows no complementarity with Josh Maja.

Josh Maja : 15 balls in 65′ game One shot from goal and 6 losses of balls. He fails to combine with his teammates. Replaced by Elis on 66′. The latter touches 5 balls in 30 minutes of play.

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