the future electric compact without a steering wheel?

Try Tesla Model 2: the future electric compact without a steering wheel? ?

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The car without a steering wheel, Elon Musk believes in it. So the next entry-level Tesla “Model 2” wouldn’t have a hoop.

If the flying car is beginning to see the light of day, the car without a steering wheel is still only a fantasy. Except for the whimsical Elon Musk, who wants to sell a car with no direction. After a failed attempt with the Model Y, the next Model 2 could present a… refined interior.

During an internal meeting, some of whose remarks were reported to Electrek, Elon Musk questioned the need to install a steering wheel and pedals in the next entry-level Tesla. Furthermore, he even hinted that the car will not have a steering wheel.

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Towards total autonomy

The reason for the delirium of the boss of Tesla? A new autonomous driving system that will equip the next $25,000 electric compact. According to Musk, the Full Self-Driving system will be mature enough by 2023, the car’s projected release date, for the Model 2 to evolve on its own.

After having reduced the steering wheel to its simplest expression with the Yoke, Tesla therefore wants to rid the interior of any steering control. An idea that seems far-fetched for the moment, especially at a time when Autopilot is the subject of an investigation in the United States.

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