the foldable smartphone should be released in 2022

According to long-standing rumors, the Google Pixel Fold could finally be unveiled by the firm in the coming months.

The foldable smartphone is both still in its infancy, and yet Samsung is linking generations with more and more mastery. For several years, rumors have agreed on a foldable smartphone project in the offices of Google. The announcement of Android 12L, optimized for foldable screens, only reinforced this rumor. But the firm has still not announced anything publicly. According to more recent echoes, the Google Pixel Fold should be launched in 2022.

Very close to the Galaxy Z Fold 4

It is once again Ross Young, specialist in supply circuits and the screen market, who offers us his analysis of the foldable smartphone market. It says the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Google’s first foldable phone will have similar screens, but the second screen on the front will be smaller.

Z Fold 4 and Google foldable will have similar sized foldable displays, but the Google cover display will be quite a bit smaller at 5.8″. This should mean it will have a wider aspect ratio than the Samsung 6.19″ Fold 4. Hear more at our conference next week.

—Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) May 2, 2022

According to the XDA-Developers site, this tweet even puts the Google Pixel Fold back on the end-of-year calendar. Ross Young promises to reveal more at the DSCC conference next week. This would place a potential launch of the Pixel Fold with the Pixel 7 generation and the launch of Android 13.

It is difficult to predict Google’s strategy as the firm has shown over the years that it did not always know whether it wanted to become a giant of the hardware. At any moment, this project, like others before it, could be abandoned by Google.

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